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To All Users: Roderick's Place, LLC is in the process of acquiring Periche-Thomas Enterprises. The acquisition includes all of the trademarks on this site which were formerly trademarks of Periche-Thomas Enterprises, publisher and owner of multiple publications (Digital Mainline Magazine, Business Opportunity Buffet Magazine, Self Help Opportunities Magazine, BWP LIFE Magazine, NextusFlash) and a number of intellectual properties including NEXTUS Global, NEXTUS Mobile, NEXTUS-SOM, as well as the NEXTUS School of Internet Marketing, hereafter referred to collectively as "the Company". While all references below to "the Company" still refer to Periche-Thomas Enterprises, the Publishing Company, be advised that they may, upon completion of acquisition, be immediately transferred without further notice. Therefore, your relationship with this site and "the Company" shall now be construed to mean and refer to your relationship with Roderick's Place, LLC.

The Company is a Publisher of Periodicals, Newsletters, Journals, Magazines, Website Referral Services, and other intellectual properties. Although we may publish 12 months per year, our normal monthly publishing cycle is 11 times: February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December (which due to the Holiday Vacations, usually includes January as one: December-January).

All references to exact income amounts on this site are GOALS not GUARANTEES
Although the site uses certain far-sighted projections, we make no claims on how much money you can make with our program or that you will make any money at all. Your ability to earn depends on a number of factors, including where and how you advertise the program, as well as how often. Also, Individual results will vary based on each individuals prior skills, how well they apply the skills we teach, prior training, prior experience, and the motivation and ability of those in their downlines, to make sales and/or recruit skilled personnel.

13. Members caught spamming or otherwise causing harm to our program will have their accounts terminated, and may be prosecuted for their actions. We will investigate all allegations before taking action. 

14. Many Products and Services on this site are paid instantly and immediately, we do not receive these Affiliate moneys. Other transactions are for intelectual properties which once obtained via streaming video, or downloaded as in ebooks are deemed to be completed transactions and are non refundable. IN SHORT: All instant pay sales are final. All Intellectual Property sales are final. All sales of non intelectual products in some NEXTUS Stores may be refundable based on the terms given at the time of purchase. All else = No refunds.

15. You understand that all payments will be made to you from our payment processors, not us, and that any problems you have concerning such matters may be discussed with our Customer Service Dept.; however, final resolutions should be taken up with your respective merchant accountprovider.


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Use of this site's Third Party Services including third party Advertisers, implies that you agree with the terms and conditions of this agreement.

The Company uses many Third Party businesses to fulfill it's membership opportunities. is a portal to and a vendor of business opportunities, business services, and many other company's products and services. NEXTUS School of Internet Marketing and the Nextus-SOM Project use third parties for the sharing of educational information. The Company is not a travel service, financial agency, lending service, nor do we at this time issue airline tickets, credit cards or any other credit instruments (excepting informational and training products; i.e. books, audios, videos, etc.).

The Company contains links to third party resources and websites. Third parties may, for many reasons, discontinue any service or offer at any time. Those websites are operated by entities other than The Company. We have no control over those websites and are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred from your dealings with those websites.

Our newer programs request your Cell phone number. We use SMS Text Messages as a medium of communication to connect you with our Mobile Marketing platforms. You have the option to provide your cell phone number. If you decide to provide your cell phone number, you agree that the Company, or a third party member or subcontractor within our organization, working on behalf of Company, may send you promotional offers for critical information updates and various opportunities that we think may be of interest to you via SMS text messages.

For SMS text messages, you may remove your information by replying "STOP", "END" or "QUIT" to the SMS text message you received and we will remove your personal information within 10 days of receiving such request.

We are making reasonable efforts to keep all information up to date and do not often offer programs that we are not directly involved with on an affiliate, associate or vendor basis in order to help regularly monitor their validity. However, it is not possible to be involved directly with every program, company, or offer listed on our site; therefore, be it know that information is presented without any warranty. Any specific information (rates, fees, terms and conditions, etc.) found here is subject to change without notice. Before applying for any product advertised on this website you agree to review terms and conditions of the offer on the product issuer's website in order to verify rates, fees, terms and conditions, etc.

The material contained at this Company website is provided for informational and educational purposes only. The material is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice, individual credit counseling or personal credit and finance advice. You should consult your own lawyer, seek the assistance of a competent professional or seek specific advice from a credit counselor regarding your particular situation. The Company does not give professional credit or personal finance advice nor do we assist with travel arrangements, beyond our advertising and recruiting relationship with our Third Party Service Providers. Where opinions or recommendations are our own, you should understand that it represents only our understanding of the matter discussed in accordance with our responsibilities as a promotional service.

NOTICE: Aside from the individually warranted products in the ShopNextus Stores and Catalogs, we offer only training and marketing advice which may result in income to our Members. Nothing in the Site constitutes legal advice, individual credit counseling or personal credit or financial advice. Any such references may be made from Third Party sites or through outside advertising from another company. We take no responsibility for such Third Party advice, advertising or statements.

17. You understand your role as an affiliate marketer does not constitute a partnership, or employer / employee relationship, and affiliates are considered independent contractors, and as such, you are responsible for your own bookkeeping, taxes, and reporting, where applicable.

18. You agree to accept email updates regarding our program. We will never inundate you with emails or spam. We try to limit mailings to 2 a week. It is often less. Howerver, important announcements and changes which may affect your income are excepted.

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